MV SANTE Rhodanie


The ambulatory surgery centre Rhodanie, founded in 2004, is located on the lakeside, at the end of the Rhodanie Avenue.

Since 2015, the centre specialises in eye surgery. A motivated team led by dr. Olivier Poinsot, anaesthetist, Ms. Nicole Glassey, the Director of the Centre, and Ms. Catherine Zannier, the head nurse, welcomes you to this functional and warm environment.

The centre has 2 operating theatres, a recovery room, a sterilisation facility and a lounge.

Your day surgery procedure

You are about to have an operation at the ambulatory surgery centre MV SANTE ARTeMED Rhodanie SA, R. de Rhodanie 70, 1007 Lausanne.

Your surgeon has made the reservation for you and informed you about the day and time of your admission.

During the same meeting, your surgeon handed you an envelope with important information that will help you prepare for your procedure, namely:

  • The map of the Centre.
  • Explanations concerning the anaesthesia.
  • A medical questionnaire that you should complete, possibly with the assistance of your GP, and bring with you to the pre-anaesthesia assessment.
Online pre-admission questionnaire.

This will help your anaesthetist better prepare ahead of your meeting.


i) You will not receive any written notice from us, but our coordinator will call you to schedule a meeting with the anaesthetist, if required.
Before your operation
On the day of your operation
Other instructions
Post-operative care
Children receiving surgical care

Nos chirurgiens partenaires

Eye surgery
Abou-Zeid Hana Cesqui Giorgio Chevalley Guy De Courten Christian
Fleisschauer Johannes Mameletzi Angele Martinez Alexandre Matter Michel
Mayer Rudolf Mossa Federico Nguyen Christophe Othenin-Girard Philippe
Porta Pierre Ravinet Emilie Rochat Caroline Sickenberg Michel
Titze Patrick Tran Viet H. Varsori Mickael Zwingli Martin
Mayer Rudolf
Glaucoma surgery
Ravinet Emilie
Oculoplastic surgery
Kreis Andreas